After finishing high school I studied Technical Drawing, Audiovisual Postproduction, Screenwriting, Interactive Digital Media and curently i´m studying Marketing and Communication


I have been living & working in Barcelona (Spain),  -since 2009- in Berlin (Germany)  and currently -since 2015- in Melbourne (Australia)


  • Adv. Diploma Technical Drawing: Civil Drawing (IES As Mariñas, Spain)
  • Adv. Diploma Screen & Media: Postproduction (Carrier, Spain)
  • Adv. Diploma Screen & Media: Screenwriting (UACE Barcelona, Spain)
  • Diploma Screen & Media: Interactive Digital Media (NIT, Australia)
  • Course: Screen & Media: E.N.G. (CIFO Hospitalet, Spain)
  • Course: Digital Design (Samicro & EasySystem, Spain)

Some companies i worked with/for (audiovisual & design):

Personal Info

  •   +1123 2456 689
  •   3301 Lorem Ipsum, Dolor Sit St